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Groundwater Solutions Since 1856. We Service the State of Florida and Beyond for All Your Wellpoint, Dewatering and Environmental Needs.

dewatering pumps


We specialize in the design and install of wellpoint dewatering systems throughout the entire State of Florida.

Env. Remediation

We have a variety of treatment system options and have been providing remediation services in Florida since 1991.

Pump Manufacturing

Dewatering pumps for the construction industry.  CROY Pumps can be used for ANY application or system.


Wellpoint Systems

CROY pioneered the Wellpoint IndustryWe manufacture Wellpoint Systems for sale or rent to our clients.


Eco Friendly Construction

Fuel efficient pumps that do not use any oils in the vacuum system. Instead, our pumps use the natural groundwater being pumped in their vacuum system. 



Highest Industry CFM

Don’t let our compact design fool you, CROY pumps pack a mighty punch. Proven to out perform all the competition at a fraction of their operating costs.



Worldwide Shipping

CROY’S Patented Dewatering Equipment has been sold and shipped all over the world. You can find our products as far away as Auckland, New Zealand.

Wellpoint System Dewatering & Environmental Remediation Since 1952…

CROY Dewatering is a full service wellpoint system dewatering and environmental company that provides turnkey dewatering services for the construction industry. CROY was the first to provide PVC wellpoints to the dewatering industry and CROY’s patented wellpoints continue to produce the highest flow rates in the industry.  CROY manufactures a full line of dewatering pumps for wellpoint, sock, and open pumping applications.

CROY also manufactures a full line of dewatering and treatment equipment for both the construction and environmental industries. Federal, State, and County agencies / municipalities utilize CROY for their Dewatering as well as Environmental Services. In addition, CROY services a broad range of private sector clients including environmental consulting firms, banks, hospitals, office and apartment management firms, retail fuelers, marinas and major oil companies.

CROY Environmental Services manufactures and installs all types of equipment for the remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater.  This includes traditional pump & treat and  SVE/sparging.  The company specializes in state of the art Dual-Phase Extraction remedial systems. CROY custom designs skid or trailer mounted remedial system components at our Largo, Florida facility. CROY manufactures and provides pilot testing equipment for remediation design purposes, and equipment for complete site remediation.  CROY pioneered the development of the very successful Dual-Phase extraction, and holds several full patents on the equipment. Primarily among the patents is the unique swingarm coupling, which combines the liquid/vapor phase extraction into an efficient, cost effective system. The CROY name is well known in Florida due to experience since 1959 with CROY Wellpointing, a company that introduced what is now the industry standard PVC wellcasing.

Need Dewatering or Treatment?

We’ve Been Dewatering in Florida For Over 70 Years

Find Out Now Why Croy has Been the Leader in Wellpoint System Dewatering and Environmental Remediation for Over 70 Years.

Client Testimonials

“CROY always has provided excellent service.  Their representatives are professional, and they are ready to provide sound solutions to challenges that may be encountered in the field.” 

Terra Environmental Services, Inc.

“As former Regional Manager of Engineering and Remedial Services for ABB Environmental Services, Inc., I am pleased to give your firm a positive evaluation of the CROY system.  Your firm did an excellent job in installing the system, performing the agreed to tasks in a professional manner, and on time.  I know that in addition to myself, the NAVY is still using the system on a different site.”

ABB Environmental Services

“The CROY system can recover soil vapors and contaminated groundwater from a single recovery well without the need for down well controls. This greatly reduces the overall remediation system O&M costs.

PDG Environmental Services, Inc.

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