Environmental Remediation Systems

We have a variety of treatment system options and have been providing remediation services in Florida since 1991.


Environmental Remediation Services Since 1991

It all started in 1991, CROY Environmental Services designed, built and installed a groundwater remediation extraction system located at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Pensacola Florida.  Home of the Blue Angels.

The site consisted of a 300 foot plume of Jet Fuel in a peanut shape. This plume was located 8 feet below ground surface. The free product was extracted from the vadose zone and collected in a 2,000 gallon collection tank located on the equipment pad. A low rpm horse tail conveyor unit was used to remove the floating free product from the contaminated groundwater.   A transfer pump was used to send the groundwater through an air stripper for treatment.

 This is the site that started it all.  From this site, CROY developed and gave name to this new process of remediation, “Dual Phase” was the name Richard Croy came up with that day in Pensacola, and the patented CROY Dual Phase Extraction System has been considered the standard by the Department of Environmental Protection for remediation projects ever since. 

Dual-phase extraction, also known as multi-phase extraction, vacuum-enhanced extraction, or bioslurping, is an in-situ technology that uses pumps to remove various combinations of contaminated groundwater, separate-phase petroleum product, and hydrocarbon vapor from the subsurface. Extracted liquids and vapor are treated and collected for disposal, or re-injected to the subsurface (where permissible).

Dual-phase extraction systems can be effective in removing separate-phase product from the subsurface, thereby reducing concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in both the saturated andunsaturated zones of the subsurface. Dual-phase extraction systems are typically designed to maximize extraction rates; however, the technology also stimulates biodegradation of petroleum constituents in the unsaturated zone by increasing the supply of oxygen, in a manner similar to bioventing

About Croy

Learn why CROY is the only name you should know when it comes to Wellpoint Dewatering in Florida. Founded in 1959 we have been serving the Bay Area for over 50 years. Learn how we can help you.


  • Oldest Contract Dewatering Company in Florida
  • CROY systems require no daily maintenance 
  • CROY Systems produce highest CFM in industry
  • CROY patented Wellpoints have a measured production of 148.80 gpm/well
  • CROY systems are proven to out perform all others in industry.


  • ACCI/Sprint United Telephone
  • Brown & Root Environmental Services
  • Halliburton NUS
  • City of Dunedin, Florida
  • City of Clearwater, Florida
  • City of Clearwater Airpark
  • Delta Environmental Consultants
  • Lockheed, Martin Orlando Florida
  • US Naval Base, Pensacola, Florida

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