About Croy 

Providing Wellpoint System Dewatering and Environmental Services in the State of Florida for over 70 Years.

Groundwater Solutions Since 1856

We are the oldest dewatering contractor in the state of Florida. First formed in Ft Wayne Indiana in 1856 by William Croy. CROY originally offered irrigation services to the farming communities in the MidWest. Creating comprehensive irrigation systems as well as drilling wells was CROY’s speciality and even still today,  CROY is the premier well drilling contractor in this region of the U.S.

In the mid 1950s, Robert Croy brought his vast 100 year knowledge in well drilling to Florida with the idea of offering a commercial dewatering service to Florida’s booming construction industry and Croy Dewatering was born. 3 generations later, CROY is still the leading provider of Dewatering services throughout the entire State of Florida. We design and install dewatering systems for all applications for the subsurface construction industry.

Whether the goal is to remove the groundwater, or remove contamination,  CROY has a proven track record of success in every area in Florida. We offer complete dewatering services, pump manufacturing, and environmental equipment production and installation. CROY has proven experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art pumps and remedial system equipment, controlled by the latest in electronics, monitored by the best in telemetry.

Specifically, CROY pioneered PVC well casing in 1959, Dual-Phase extraction technology in 1991, and specializes in manufacturing patented intertube wells, patented wellhead partitioning valves, and custom designed Dual-Phase recovery pumps. Portable or skid mounted equipment includes remedial systems, pilot test trailers, air stripping towers, oil water separators, high capacity pumps, and “Turn-Key” construction dewatering systems.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

Fuel efficient pumps that do not use any oils in the vacuum system. Instead, our pumps use the natural groundwater being pumped in their vacuum system. 


Highest Industry CFM

Don’t let our compact design fool you, CROY pumps pack a mighty punch. Proven to out perform all the competition at a fraction of their operating costs.


Worldwide Shipping

CROY’S Patented Dewatering Equipment has been sold and shipped all over the world. You can find our products as far away as Auckland, New Zealand.

Years Established

Completed Projects

“PDG is pleased to have worked with your organization to investigate Croy Environmental Services’ Inc DUAL-PHASE EXTRACTION system at several Florida petroleum remediation sites…..The CROY system can recover soil vapors and contaminated groundwater from a single recovery well without the need for down well controls.  This greatly reduces the overall remediation system O&M costs…. based on PDGE’s experiences, the dual phase extraction system greatly improves the remediation efficiencies of physical extraction of free product, soil vapors, and groundwater site remediation.”  PDG Environmental Services, Inc. 

PDG Environmental Services

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