Pump Manufacturing

We manufacture a variety of Dewatering pumps for the construction industry. CROY Pumps can be used on Wellpoint Systems, Open Pumping, and Sock Drain Systems.

Croy’s “RH Series” Environmental Pumps


Model #s RH-4Y-5011-00, RH-6J-2216-00, RH-8Y-3621-00


CROY’S “RH SERIES” is a True Environmental Pump

• Quiet, Economical & Compact
• Lowest Fuel Consumption in the Industry
• Uses influent groundwater to create its own vacuum
• Totally self-adjusting for both make-up water and vacuum relief



CROY’S 4” Pump can easily handle 500+ LF wellpoint systems

Rated at 500+ GPM & 110 CFM 


CROY’S 6” Pump can easily handle 800+ LF wellpoint systems
Rated at 2200 GPM & 167 CFM


CROY’S 8” Pump can easily handle 1200+ LF wellpoint systems
Rated at 3600 GPM & 217 CFM

Also these pumps are great for Sock Dewatering
as well as Open Pumping

 Incredibly low to no pump maintenance for weeks during 24/7 operation

 Proven to exceed all in its class for longevity

 With over 21 years in development, this pump has gone
beyond cutting edge technology!!

About Croy

Learn why CROY is the only name you should know when it comes to Wellpoint Dewatering in Florida. Founded in 1959 we have been serving the Bay Area for over 50 years. Learn how we can help you.


  • Oldest Contract Dewatering Company in Florida
  • CROY systems require no daily maintenance 
  • CROY Systems produce highest CFM in industry
  • CROY patented Wellpoints have a measured production of 148.80 gpm/well
  • CROY systems are proven to out perform all others in industry.


  • ACCI/Sprint United Telephone
  • Brown & Root Environmental Services
  • Halliburton NUS
  • City of Dunedin, Florida
  • City of Clearwater, Florida
  • City of Clearwater Airpark
  • Delta Environmental Consultants
  • Lockheed, Martin Orlando Florida
  • US Naval Base, Pensacola, Florida

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