Wellpoint Dewatering Systems

CROY is the leader in construction Wellpoint Dewatering Systems and groundwater control throughout the entire state of Florida.


Croy Specializes in Wellpoint Dewatering Systems 

Wellpoints are a common method of dewatering. Ideal for shallow aquifers where the water level needs to be lowered for a dry excavation. CROY well point systems allow you to pump anything from a few gallons per minute to thousands of gallons per minute depending on sub surface conditions.

They are cheaper than other methods, install quickly, and have rapid drawdown times. However, they are not capable of handling excavations deeper than about 25’ without benching in deeper levels. A typical wellpoint system includes a series of wellpoints (usually 1-2” PVC with a slotted portion at its base) connected to a vacuum header via a swingarm. The header is attached to a vacuum pump, which applies a vacuum to the system, and pulls in water from the wellpoints.

We mainly install these dewatering systems for the construction industry.  However, CROY has also designed and installed permanent systems in many regions of the State.  These systems are similar to the temporary systems installed on construction sites with one major difference, the swing arms are hard piped and glued in place for a more permanent secure attachment to the wellpoints. Also typically needed on these permanent systems are a series of floats and controls that signal to CROY’s electric dewatering pump when the groundwater level has risen to a predetermined depth and it is now time to pump this level down.

Because these systems are permanent systems, and are to remain in the building, or on property to operate anytime the groundwater levels rise, these systems always have electric powered dewatering pumps.  We have installed permanent systems like these in many locations throughout Florida. We have a basement in South Beach Miami, an underground tunnel connecting 2 hospital buildings in St Petersburg FL, A bank vault located in the basement of the building in St Petersburg Fl, As well as many hotels, malls, and multi-family development properties located all over the state. Because the state of Florida is only a few feet above sea level, these permanent systems have been sought after and well received  by the property owners and/or repersentatives. These permanent systems have given these property owners the ability to secure and protect their investment by being able to combat Mother Nature and keep their property or buildings dry and free of the problems groundwater intrusion usually brings.

Whether your job is a few feet in size, or a few miles long, a temporary system, or permanent system, diesel powered, or electric, CROY has the right equipment for the job.

Having installed systems in every part of Florida, CROY is well versed in the design and installation of complex construction Dewatering Systems in any location statewide. Having this vast knowledge of subsurface conditions in North, Central, and South Florida is what sets CROY apart from the rest.


About Croy 

Learn why CROY is the only name you should know when it comes to Wellpoint Dewatering in Florida. Founded in 1959 we have been serving the Bay Area for over 50 years. Learn how we can help you.


  • Oldest Contract Dewatering Company in Florida
  • CROY systems require no daily maintenance 
  • CROY Systems produce highest CFM in industry
  • CROY patented Wellpoints have a measured production of 148.80 gpm/well
  • CROY systems are proven to out perform all others in industry.


Croy Wellpoint System Dewatering

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